Baidu Verifications

Baidu provides diverse means to enhance the credibility and recognition of a brand. This section explains four distinctive options available, each varying significantly in price and application.

Baidu Real Name Verification “实名实网认证”

Baidu provides “实名实网认证”, translating to “real name verification”. This verification is a prerequisite for running Baidu advertisements.

Foreign businesses desiring to run Baidu Ads are required to submit scanned copies of their business licenses and bank flow documents. Extra documentation may be necessary for certain sectors. These documents need not be Chinese, but should correspond with the country where the business is incorporated.

The requirements for Chinese businesses are more stringent, necessitating an ICP License and legal representative (法人) details. The cost for this verification is approximately 600 Chinese Yuan per year, though prices may differ based on the agency utilized.

Baidu “Official” Verification Badge “官方”

The “官方” or “Official” Baidu verification badge is activated by closely associated words such as the brand name. It enables Baidu users to swiftly recognize and trust official websites, reducing the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent sites.

Screenshot showing the "Official" Baidu verification badge showing up in Baidu search results.

For prominent and authoritative websites such as universities, hospitals, government agencies, museums, etc, Baidu confers this certification free of charge. However, for smaller businesses and less recognized organizations, a yearly fee of 6,000 Chinese Yuan is required.

The “Official” badge is usually activated by branded keywords. However, there are instances where other related keywords such as abbreviations or acronyms might trigger the badge at an additional cost.

For small businesses, acquiring this badge is not mandatory. However, it can enhance credibility and trustworthiness, particularly for businesses with products on numerous websites run by different distributors.

Baidu Trademark Verification Badge “®”

Baidu’s separate Trademark Badge appears less frequently than the Official badge. The application process is similar to the other badges but requires a trademark certificate submission. The official fee stands at 4,000 Yuan per annum. This badge should not be mistaken for trademark protection for keywords in a Baidu Ads account.

Screenshot showing Baidu's trademark verification badge showing up in search results.

Baidu Guarantee “保障”

To safeguard Baidu users from both imposters and the official businesses, Baidu has introduced the “Guarantee” badge or “保障” in Chinese. This badge offers a monetary guarantee. If a logged-in Baidu user is cheated by an advertiser, they may receive a refund of up to 10,000 Chinese Yuan.

Screenshot showing the Guarantee verification badge in Baidu search results.

New accounts set up via come with this feature enabled. To be eligible for a refund, the user should have been logged into Baidu, made a purchase, and be able to prove they didn’t receive what was advertised, all within a 30-day window. If Baidu rules in the user’s favor, the advertiser is obliged to issue a refund, or face account suspension and advertising credit freeze.

Despite the robust protection provided by the Guarantee badge, it’s been seldom used, likely due to the stringent conditions for qualification and lack of awareness among users.

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