Baidu Brand Zone

Baidu provides an opportunity to enhance brand visibility and credibility with their unique advertising product – Brand Zone. This platform enables brands to gain a more significant presence in search results for keywords they select.

The Brand Zone is designed with various options to accommodate different needs:

  1. Advanced Brand Zone
  2. Regular Brand Zone
  3. General Keyword Brand Zone

Advanced Brand Zone

Baidu’s Advanced Brand Zone offers a high degree of customization. Businesses using this option can entirely modify the search results page, including the background and the color of Baidu’s logo, effectively showcasing their unique brand identity.

Although it comes with a higher cost, the Advanced Brand Zone is aimed at consumer brands desiring a strong brand presence, providing a thoroughly immersive user experience.

Below are two examples of Advanced Brand Zone placements.

Regular Brand Zone

The Regular Brand Zone caters to businesses wanting to secure a large portion of the search results page without entirely customizing it.

Below is an example of a Regular Brand Zone placement.

Pricing is custom for every business.

Long-term purchase agreements come with discounted rates. The Regular Brand Zone often results in substantially higher impressions and clicks compared to regular cost-per-click search ads, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses with the necessary budget.

General Keyword Brand Zone

Baidu’s General Keyword Brand Zone is for businesses looking to appear in search results for general non-branded keywords. It occupies slightly more screen space than regular search ads, but the overall look and feel is similar to regular cost-per-click ads on Baidu.

When purchasing Baidu Brand Zone, it’s advisable to collaborate with an agency that can help you get the best deal. This should include:

  • Negotiating a lower rate on Baidu Brand Zone.
  • Managing the overall marketing campaign for improved ROI.
  • Offering convenient payment and communication methods.

Pricing for the Baidu Brand Zone is valid for the current month, and businesses interested in this service should be prepared to finalize and send payment within approximately two to three weeks.

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