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Connect to Your Audience With a Chinese Landing Page

To create a successful landing page for China, you must first understand how your audience finds your products and services. A landing page that has relevant copy, concise Chinese wording, an offer that resonates with your audience, and familiar ways to communicate is bound to bring in well-targeted leads to your business.

Jimuyu(基木鱼) is our go-to hosting and development platform for publishing high-impact landing pages. It’s created by Baidu, specifically made to be used in Baidu search results.

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In-Line With Your Keyword Strategy

Effective landing page copy should be relevant to your audience’s search queries. As your China audience’s search queries may differ, relevant wording is more than just an accurate translation of your marketing material.

Optimized for Conversion and Conversation

We supercharge your landing pages with relevant offers and live-chat support for an impactful first touch. This encourages your visitors to leave their information instead of simply clicking away.

Industry-Specific Page Templates

We carefully select the right template for your industry and populate them with your company material for a unique final look.

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Carry Your Visual Identity to China

We create the landing pages in a style similar to your existing homepage to give visitors a consistent experience.

Loyal to Your Brand Vocabulary

Our translations not only capture the essence of your copy but also loyal to the brand/industry specific words you prefer.

Optimized for Visibility

For maximum accessibility, China-friendly services replace any footprint belonging to China-restricted services (e.g., Google, Twitter, Facebook).

Landing Pages That Work

All of our landing pages come with:

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Traffic Analytics

Live Chat Support

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