Baidu Advertising Pricing

Baidu Advertising Pricing

What does it cost to advertise on Baidu?

To advertise on Baidu, you must first pre-pay for ad credit. You will be charged “per click”, very similar to how Google operates. In other words, each time a user clicks one of your ads, the ad credit in your account will be drawn down.

The minimum initial ad credit deposit is 2,000 USD.

We do not charge for account setup.

The big question: How much will the cost per click be for your business?

This varies greatly by industry. It is common to see costs in the range of 0.5-1 USD. It’s also possible for costs to go up to 20 USD for very competitive niches.

For each new project, we come up with estimates based on Baidu’s keyword research tool as well as our past experience.

Campaign Management Fees

For businesses that choose to use our management services, we break fees into two categories: Pre-launch planning and monthly management.

Our fees for pre-launch planning and account build-out are 2,500 USD.

Our fees for account management vary depending on the project. They typically range between 1,000 and 1,500 USD/month.

Training Fees

For businesses that choose to run accounts on their own, we also offer training on an ad hoc basis for 80 USD/hour.

Improve your Baidu Advertising ROI

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