UN and Baidu Agree to Establish Joint Laboratory of Big Data

According to news on the afternoon of August 18th, UNDP and Baidu (218.85,-0.75,-0.33%) officially announced their strategic cooperation, agreeing to establish a joint laboratory of big data.  The laboratory aims to solve global problems by exploring the use of big data technology, which focus on issues of environmental protection, health, education, disasters and so on.

It is reported that the primary focus of the joint laboratory is to analyze and predict industry trends using Baidu’s big data technology, and then give suggestions to the UN for making development strategies. Research of the laboratory at this stage is focusing on environmental protection and health, and will pay attention to issues of education and disaster management in the future.

The first environmental protection solution of the laboratory is ‘Baidu Recycle Bin’, which is still in the initial testing phase. When users start Baidu on mobile phones, take photos of old electronic products at home, including TVs, refrigerators etc., the system will identify information like real product types and recycling price automatically by image technology. After a user fills in their information, a recycling company will come to their house and pick the to-be-recycled product up.

Recently, ‘Baidu Recycling Bin’ began cooperating with formal factories for the recycling of electronics products, and it’s first partner is TCL. In the future, UNDP and Baidu Joint Laboratory of Big Data will establish an open platform, in order to call in more partners.