Mobile Search Engines’ Downloads in August: Baidu still Ranks First and Roboo is Growing Fast

Today (Sept 11, 2014) it was announced that the company BigData analyzed information in August taken from downloads of Chinese dominant mobile search engine apps on Android app distribution platforms. The information revealed that Baidu’s downloads are 21.43 million in August while Google followed with 16.91 million downloads. Regarding quarter-on-quarter growth, Roboo’s downloads, with a growth speed of 225.2%, increased most dramatically.


Android app distribution platforms that are mainly under monitoring include: Baidu Mobile Assistant, 91 Assistant, Android Market, Peasecod, 360 Mobile Assistant, Txappcenter, etc. Downloads and quarter-on-quarter growth rates of Chinese dominant mobile search engine apps in August are shown in the following graph:


In terms of quarter-on-quarter growing rates, Roboo’s data, 225.2%, is the highest. Although downloads of Roboo are relatively lower compared to other products. Having the highest growth ratealso proves that Roboo is at a high-speed developing stage. Moreover, growth rates of Baidu, Google, Sogou and Yisou search engines’ downloads are 4%, 11.8%, 43.3%, and 64.3% respectively.


CNIT-Research determined that, as one of the entries to mobile Internet, mobile search engines have a crucial market for business. Baidu has a head start in the mobile search field, taking advantage of Baidu search engine’s place on the PC platform. Sogou started by integrating SOSO, while UC and Alibaba jointly promoted Shenma mobile search engine and 360 mobile search engine followed their steps. Now, it has become a pattern that BAT controls the market in the mobile search engine field. Early starters like Roboo, Yisou and other mobile search engines are gradually overshadowed by BAT.


The Chinese mobile search engine market is currently experiencing a transformation.  Mobile search engines usually specialize in different areas. Additionally, smaller screens on mobile phones determine that the profit models of the mobile search market and the PC search market will be different. In order to establish a place in the mobile search field, each mobile search engine will display its own tactics. As such, competition in the mobile search field is becoming more intense.