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How Baidu Works

Baidu works together with other agencies to provide support to advertisers. is run by Nanjing Marketing Group, a company incorporated in Canada & China that provides a full suite of media buying services for Western companies. This makes it more convenient for Western companies to advertise on Baidu.

How The Baidu Account Setup Process Works

The account setup process works as follows:

  1. You contact us for a quote
  2. Once we have the required information, we’ll provide you with a proposal and invoice.
  3. You accept the proposal, send payment, and send us a digital copy of your certificate of incorporation and other required documentation.
  4. We will prepare an official translation of all the documentation including the certificate of incorporation, then submit the application to Baidu. Baidu will most likely request some very minor edits to your website, and may also require additional documents, depending on the industry.
  5. You edit your website according to the instructions and/or send additional documentation.
  6. We will finish the account setup administrative work. When the account is activated, we will send you full login information for your Baidu account.

Two Types of Baidu Accounts

There are two types of Baidu accounts:

1. For a normal account application, we require the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of certificate of incorporation (business license). This should be issued for the country in which your headquarters are located.
  • Chinese Company ICP License (Internet Content Provider)
  • Initial Ad Credit of 900 USD

For normal account application, the whole process will take about 30 working days.

2. “Key Accounts” have some additional access benefits. To apply for a Key Account, we require the following documentation from you:

  • Scanned copy of certificate of incorporation (business license). This should be issued for the country in which your headquarters are located.
  • Scanned copy of your latest transaction’s bank statement or cheque (the bank account should be under your company name). Sensitive information such as account balance and transaction records can be hidden/blurred out. Here is an example for your reference.
  • Initial Ad Credit of 1,550 USD.
  • Extra documentation may be required depending on the industry you are in.

For a Key Account application, the whole process will take about 15 working days altogether.

How The Marketing Launch Process Works

The marketing planning stage can usually be done while the account setup process is in progress. Details vary based on the complexity of the campaign, but the process typically looks something like this:

  1. We’ll ask you about your business, your goals in the Chinese market and your current marketing efforts.
  2. We’ll provide you with a concise plan in Excel format.
  3. You provide feedback on the campaign, with the goal of identifying any obvious problems or room for improvement.
  4. With your approval, we’ll launch the campaign. During the first couple weeks, we’ll watch it extra carefully and be in contact with you frequently.

You can change your advertising budget at any time.
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