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Baidu Account Setup

Baidu offers several different account setup options based on region, industry, advertising requirements and budget size. Plus, the rules often change.

To make it simple, we will gather some information about your business and provide you with the best available option.

How The Baidu Account Setup Process Works

Account setup usually takes about three weeks.

The account setup process works as follows:

  1. You contact us.
  2. We will ask for some information such as a certificate of incorporation and other documents, depending on the industry and region.
  3. You send us the required documentation.
  4. We will check eligibility. If eligible, we’ll send you a proposal and invoice.
  5. You accept the proposal and send payment.
  6. We will prepare an official translation of all the documentation including the certificate of incorporation, then submit the application to Baidu. Baidu will most likely request some very minor edits to your website, and may also require additional documents, depending on the industry.
  7. You edit your website according to the instructions.
  8. We will finish the account setup administrative work. When the account is activated, we will send you full login information for your Baidu account.

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