Jimuyu Landing Pages

What is Jimuyu?

Jimuyu (基木鱼) is a new landing page solution developed by Baidu. So far, companies operating in healthcare, consumer goods, and logistics must already start using Jimuyu landing pages.


How does hosting work for Jimuyu Landing Pages?

These landing pages are hosted in China by Baidu on their own servers. This means improved loading speed compared to most foreign-hosted websites.


Do I need to obtain a license to host landing pages using Jimuyu?

You don’t need to obtain an ICP license to host landing pages on Jimuyu. Jimuyu has its own approval system, which is much faster than getting an ICP license.


Are there any maintenance fees associated with the landing pages?

Jimuyu landing pages are cloud-hosted by Baidu. At the time of writing, they are hosted for free. Maintenance fees are mainly associated with changes you wish to make on published pages.


Are the landing pages you create responsive?

The majority of online searches leading to landing pages happen on mobile, so our landing page templates follow a mobile-first approach. But we have desktop-ready pages as well.


Can I migrate my existing landing pages to Jimuyu?

Yes, but not directly. Jimuyu doesn’t offer custom HTML+CSS, and it only comes with a drag and drop interface. So, we need to look at your existing landing pages and imitate their style on Jimuyu separately.


Why Jimuyu? Can I not simply host landing pages on my Chinese website?

Landing pages in China used to be riddled with unrealistic claims and false information about a service or a product. Thus, in certain industries, Baidu has started to only allow Jimuyu landing pages to be targets of PPC campaigns. Currently, healthcare, consumer goods, and logistics businesses must use Jimuyu for their ads. Many more industries, including enterprise software, and business services, might follow suit in the upcoming months.


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