Baidu Basics

Why advertise on Baidu?

Baidu is the dominant search engine in China with over 70% of the market share. Other search engines, like Google and 360, attract nowhere near that level of traffic in China.


Are my goods/services OK to sell in China?

Certain industries receive more scrutiny than others, but, in general, as long as you can provide the proper documentation for your business, you can sell your goods/services in China.

Gambling and pornography are explicitly forbidden.


Can I set up a Baidu account if I do not have a Chinese business?

Yes. Where your business is based does not affect your application.


Should I advertise a website that is not in Chinese?

This is generally not a good idea. Even if your business is targeting English-speaking Chinese, most prefer a website with Chinese content. Also, in some situations, non-English speaking families and friends of your target audience may want to check out your site. We offer professional translation services if needed.


Do I need to host my site in China?

No. If your website is consistently accessible and fast loading within China, there is no need to host your site in China. We can test your site to ensure its speed is up to par.


Is advertising on Baidu a good way to reach Chinese speakers in countries outside of China?

Generally, no. Only a small percentage of web users outside of China use Baidu.


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