Baidu Account Setup

What type of documentation do you require from us to set up an account?

In most cases, we only require a scan of the business’ certificate of incorporation. In some industries, we may also require additional certifications. Note: We require the original, untranslated version issued by your local government.

In cases where you have both a home business and a business in China, we require documentation for the home business.


Who owns the account?

You own the account that you open. We only have the right to manage it on your behalf (if you choose).


Can we create a master account for our agency?

There are two types of master accounts.

#1 – If you are using the same business license for each Baidu advertising account, it’s possible to create a master account to manage each of those easily. This would work if you are running several different Baidu advertising accounts for one large client. For example, if you had two or more different accounts for different units of Siemens.

#2 – If each Baidu advertising account uses its own business license, you will need to create at least ten accounts before being given access to a master account. Each account will have the same setup process and limitations as normal (minimum spend, business license, access to a Chinese phone to receive pin codes, etc), but you will have one convenient place to manage them all from.


Can I advertise multiple businesses with one Baidu account?

No, you can only advertise one business/website per account.


What does “verification” mean?

Baidu uses a “guarantee” system now, although it’s referred to as “verification” in Baidu’s back-end.Read more here.

We will take care of the advertiser account verification/guarantee setup. It doesn’t require any extra action on the advertiser’s part.


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