Baidu Account Management

Can I see the ads and keywords to be used before they’re activated?

If you choose to have us manage the account for you, we will send you a list of keywords and ads for your approval. In general we send a sample of ads and keywords and discuss the strategy with you. However, we can also create a full output of ads and keywords if you prefer.


Will I receive a report about the campaign? What will it cover?

We’ll send you report about all of them weekly or monthly soon after account starts to run. We can customize the report to suit your requirements.


Do we have access to the account?

You can log in at http://www2.baidu.com. Except for username and password, you also need verification code or corresponding cellphone number. If you need verification code, you can ask us for it from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (China time) at any working day.


Can I manage a Baidu account if I do not speak Chinese?

Even with prior PPC experience, managing a PPC account on Baidu will be very difficult for non-Chinese speakers. While an English version of Baidu’s account management interface is available, one will find it difficult to localize site content and keywords without native-level Chinese skills. It is certainly better to use a Chinese agency if possible. Read more here.


Do I pay for your services before or after services are provided?

Our clients pay at the beginning of each month, before services are rendered.


Does Baidu have an analytics platform? If so, how does it compare to Google Analytics?

Yes. Baidu’s analytics platform is called Baidu Tongji. Read more here.


Is Baidu’s account management interface in English?

Baidu’s online pay per click management interface is only in Chinese.  However, their desktop account editor is offered in English and Chinese. You can read more about their interface here.



How can I add negative keywords?

You can follow the below 3 screenshots to add negative keywords via Baidu’s web browser interface.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:



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