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Can I display my company logo alongside my text ads?

Yes, if your ad ranks in the number one spot on the Baidu search engine results page for a keyword, you can display your company logo alongside the text ad. See the image below for an example:



What are Baidu’s display advertising formats?

Text Ad Formats

Here a text ad is shown displayed over a website image.

Text ads include one title line and two description lines.

  • Title: Up to 14 Chinese characters or 28 characters.
  • Description line one: Up to 20 Chinese characters or 40 characters. No less than eight characters.
  • Description line two: Same as the first description line.
  • Image add-on: 60 by 60 jpg or gif.
  • URL: Up to 1024 characters.
  • Display URL: Up to 35 characters.

Image Ad Formats


Image ads can be in jpg, gif or swf (Flash) format, and must be within 55 K.


  • Banners: 468×60, 728×90, 960×90, 960×60, 640×60, 460×60, 580×90, 760×90
  • Rectangles: 250×250, 200×200, 336×280, 300×250, 360×300
  • Vertical Banners: 120×600, 160×600

Floating Formats


These are image ads that show on the side of the page and move up and down as the user scrolls.

May be in jpg, gif or swf (Flash) format, and must be within 55 K.


  • 120×270
  • 120×120
  • 300×250, 250×200

Video Formats (贴片形式)


May be in jpg or swf (Flash) format, and must be within 55 K.

  • Dimensions: 400×300
  • Length: three to four seconds
  • CPU usage (for Flash): Under 25%


Should I use search ads or display ads?

We generally stick to search ads when managing a PPC campaign but, in some cases, use display ads as well.


Can I create ads targeting mobile devices?

Yes. You can set up mobile landing pages. With 99% of the population in China using mobile phones to access the Internet, this is a necessary component in most PPC campaigns.


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