FAQ: Baidu Verification: Organic and Paid

Baidu provides two different types of verification.

Baidu Organic Search Official Site Verification

Called 官网认证 in Chinese, this type of verification is for organic search results. In the image below, you can see search results for the keyword “Adidas”. Next to the title is a small blue badge that says “Official Site”.

Screenshot of Baidu's official site badge next to search results for "Adidas".

This helps users know that a website is indeed an official website of the brand they are searching for. It should help improve clickthrough rates and help improve organic search rankings for branded keywords as well. It’s free to sign up for at http://guanwang.baidu.com/vcard/officialsite.

Baidu Paid Search Account Verification

Account verification can be quite important for advertisers. Benefits:

  • Get better ad positions. Without verification, your ads might only be displayed on the right-side column.
  • Decrease expenses. Some accounts that aren’t verified will have their expenses increased.
  • Get better ad formats. For example, sub-links.

For more information, see this article on Clickz. When an account is verified, a little “V” icon will show up to their ads. Baidu PPC advertising account verification screenshot

If you do not have your account verified, it may be because the reseller you are signed up with cannot get it verified. But that doesn’t mean we can’t, so feel free to contact us about it and we can check for you.

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