FAQ: Baidu Guarantee

Baidu’s previous verification system has been phased out in favour of a “guarantee”.

Called “保障” in Chinese, the guarantee protects Baidu’s users from being cheated by advertisers.

If a logged-in Baidu user clicks on a Baidu ad, makes a purchase and gets cheated by the provider, they can get refunded up to 10,000 Chinese Yuan from the advertiser.

In practice, we have barely seen this featured used at all. But it does provide an added layer of trust that should help improve conversion rates.

All new accounts setup via BaiduAdvertising.com/Nanjing Marketing Group have this feature enabled.

To receive a refund, the user must meet these requirements:

  1. They must have been logged-in to Baidu when they clicked the ad.
  2. They must have made a purchase.
  3. They must be able to show that they didn’t receive what was advertised, and do so within 30 days.

If Baidu rules in favour of the complaining user, the advertiser must refund payment to the user. If a refund isn’t issued, Baidu may freeze the account and it’s advertising credit.

More details are provided on Baidu.com, although they are in Chinese only.

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