“Cloud” Renders Visualization and Traceability, Possible to Watch Pastures by “QR code”

Do you want to know how your milk was produced? Now it’s easy. You only need to scan the QR code on the packing box of “Mengniu selected pasture pure milk”, or search “Mengniu selected pasture pure milk” on Baidu, click on it, then you are able to watch pastures and factories thousands of miles away in real time. Every detail of milk production can be accessed online without even walking outside. This is a cloud-based tracking and visualization system of selected pasture pure milk promoted by Mengniu and Baidu; it’s also the first time a Chinese dairy industry has provided an online, real-time “Pasture Exploration Channel” for consumers by cloud technology. On September 1st, Wang Yansong, Zeng Liang and Li Jie (associate vice-president of Mengniu Diary, vice-president of Baidu and vice-president of Fuyuan respectively) brought us a new “traceable experience” in the 6th factory of Mengniu Dairy in Huhehaote City, Inner Mongolia.


“Mengniu selected pasture pure milk” is the first kind of milk in China that was promoted by Mengniu Dairy in 2013 and can be traced by QR code. Consumers can track product information of the original pastures by scanning the QR code on packing boxes. Moreover, the concept “Cloud Pasture” is a totally novel one in the industry, combining Baidu cloud technology with original QR code tracking systems. Applying cloud technology, big data and other popular technologies, Mengniu Dairy hopes to solve problems concerning transparent production and visible safety of dairy products.


Centering on the consumers’ experience is the core idea of “Cloud Pasture”. Additionally, Mengniu Dairy expects that by taking step-by-step trials and actions, consumers can experience changes within the dairy company and understand how Mengniu produces milk, which reassures consumers at the source.