Baidu’s Brand Awareness Highest Among Chinese Search Engines

According to news from the CNSN on Aug 14th, Market Research of Chinese Mobile Search in July 2014 from CNIT-Research indicated that Baidu owns the highest brand awareness among Chinese users, and Shenma, a Chinese mobile search engine, offers a greater degree of flexibility for users.

CNIT investigated online users on mobile search brand awareness in six aspects: ‘searching websites with no crash’, ‘quick and efficient search results’, ‘attractive interface’, ’customization and flexibility’, ’comprehensive search results ’, and ‘targeted search results’. Results revealed that, Baidu achieved the highest brand awareness in most of these aspects, but Shenma ranked first regarding ‘flexibility and customization’, mainly because it’s strong in meeting users’ rigid demands, like shopping, novels, mobile apps and games searching.

Shenma is also the only one search engine to have a Taobao resource entry in the whole network of shopping searching, and has an advantage of big data that Taobao owned in commodity categories and recommendation mechanism. Concerning novels, mobile games and apps, Shenma had exclusive support of resources from Shuqi, Jiuyou, and PP Zhushou covered by UC. That’s why Shenma is able to run through the whole process of user experience, provide the best quality mobile search experience, and gain a unique superiority in increasing customer retention.

Reports of CNIT also revealed that, the quantity of mobile search users made a significant breakthrough, rising to 4 million for the first time by June, 2014. Moreover, the mobile search market continued the second quarter’s healthy developing trend in July, with a remarkable increase to 4.13 million in user scale. It’s clear that mobile search is more active than mobile news, becoming the second most commonly used mobile application apart from mobile instant message. Meanwhile, the mobile search market has also taken on some new changes:

  1. Diversified Search Content

In aspect of search contents, mobile search users in China mostly search for entertainment information, which suggests that mobile search is undertaking functions of providing not only simple surrounding life information, but also entertainment-related content.

  1.  Mobile Games Another Primary Driver in Mobile Search

Performance of mobile games is striking in July concerning the driving force of development. Owing to Chinajoy, users of mobile games showed explosive growth, reaching 68% of all online users. As a result, mobile games has become the strongest driver for mobile search requests traffic per month, overtaking E-commerce in July.

  1.  Abundant Features, from more intelligence to more entertainment-oriented’ content

Mobile search has an edge over PC research in diversified search background, which results in colorful search patterns. In July, ‘Magic Tool for Doing Homework’ and ‘Play Graphics’ launched by 360 were highly praised, and a column of APP semantic search promoted by Shenma received a favorable review as well. The emphasis on mobile search competition is transferring from ‘More intelligence-and-technology-oriented fields’ to ‘More Entertainment -oriented’.