Baidu Wiki Creation


Baidu Baike is the Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia.  The benefit of creating a company page on Baidu Baike is that your brand will instantly appear near the top of the Baidu search engine results page for branded keyword searches.

For example, if you search Walmart (沃尔玛), you can see its Baike page near the very top of the search engine results page:

Walmart baike


Creating a Baike page is vital in establishing your brand as a key player in China.  It’s especially beneficial for companies that aren’t ranking well organically.  A Baike page is a quick and relatively low-cost way to increase your brand presence in China.

We can help you setup a Baike page for your brand and manage it on an ongoing basis.

Our Baike service includes the following:

  • Creation of Baidu Baike content.
  • Writing and posting of 3 ‘news articles’ to serve as referenced source material for the Baidu Baike page.
  • Baidu Baike verification service optional, for businesses with ICP license.

Show your brand is in China to stay

Impress Chinese consumers with a professional page on China’s largest wiki


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