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Our Baidu content marketing service is designed to bring you the most SEO gain possible on Baidu.

We look at SEO on Baidu a bit differently from what you may be used to with Google and other search engines.  While most people are focused primarily on organic search rankings for a website when they talk about SEO, making this your sole goal on Baidu can be problematic.  To show why, have a look at a Baidu SERP for the keyword “study abroad USA”:

Baidu SERP

The yellow sections highlight space on the page controlled by Baidu’s own content platforms, such as its forums, wiki site, education platform, etc.

The green section shows organic search results.  Not easy to find, are they?

Thus, an intelligent Baidu SEO strategy centers not just on improving your site’s rankings, but also creating great content for Baidu’s own content platforms.  Businesses that understand this will have a huge advantage because they’ll control a very large percentage of the first page space on Baidu’s SERPs. This not only improves visibility, but also gives Chinese people a strong sense of confidence in your brand.

In addition, another great benefit of using Baidu’s own content platforms for SEO purposes is that there’s virtually no wait for your content to get indexed. Post it to Baidu’s content networks and it can be found by web users almost immediately. Indexing content on your own website, on the other hand, is a considerably longer process.

Our team knows Baidu SEO and content marketing for a Chinese audience inside and out.  With the right approach you’ll not only gain better rankings for your website on China’s largest search engine, but also have a strong brand presence on several other links on the search engine results page.  That’s tough to beat.

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