Baidu Advertising Service

Baidu Advertising Service

China is a vast country, but its Internet space is even bigger. Since Baidu is China’s most visited online search engine, companies abroad should start building their online presence here.

However, there’s a caveat. It’s easy to get lost on Baidu’s PPC Management platform, and it’s also exhausting to sort out the paperwork and register for companies without a Chinese business license.

That’s where we come in.

Kickstart Your Ad Campaigns in China

Create Brand Awareness

We make your brand visible to Chinese consumers by featuring you on Baidu search results. Let your ads convert customers to brand loyalists! How can your potential customers in China be exposed to your products and services if you’re not on China’s #1 Search Engine? Grow your brand exposure in China with us!

Start Growing Traffic to Your Chinese Website

Growing sizeable traffic to your website can take a long time without ads. Kickstart your traffic with well-targeted ads with

Replicate Your Google Successes on Baidu

No matter what industry you’re in, we analyze your existing campaigns on Google and localize your efforts using the right keywords according to the current search trends. We identify opportunities and make your ads appear in every form Baidu offers.

Onboarding Support

Free Account Setup

Businesses outside of China are not directly eligible for setting up advertising accounts on Baidu. We help you go beyond this limitation by setting up an account for you using our own licenses.

Dedicated Team

Our cross-functional teams are located across three timezones. They will feel like the extension of your team in China.

Everything in One Place

No more exporting tens of Chinese spreadsheets and digging through conversion rates. Our team analyzes the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and gives you actionable updates every month.

Advertising in China Made Easy

Our complete solution for Baidu PPC ads will drive your brand to success

Free Account Setup


Web Analytics

Keyword Management

Image and Text Ads

Landing Pages

This Is How It Works:

1We Set Up Your Accounts

  1. We take the difficulty out of setting up Baidu Tui Guang (百度推广) accounts. Just send us a copy of your non-China business licence and wait while we take care of the rest!
  2. We integrate Baidu Analytics (百度统计) on your website. It works similarly to Google Analytics.
  1. We identify your China marketing targets. We make sure everything from your target regions to demographics is carefully selected
  2. We work together to figure out the best budget and strategy to reach that target
  3. We create strategic keyword campaigns according to the preferences of your target customers in China
  4. We offer suggestions on how you can improve your Chinese website’s SEO. Don’t have a Chinese website yet?

2We Create a Game Plan

3We Run Ad Campaigns That Convert

  1. We create image and text ads with our copywriting and visual design teams.
  2. We start advertising on Baidu in different formats, including landing pages.
  3. We offer actionable advice on the changes needed on your Chinese website to make your visitors convert to customers.
  4. We make sure you stay up-to-date on the performance of your ads with monthly campaign reports.
Easily Budget Campaigns
Solidify Your China Presence
Grow Your China Brand
“NMG was the key to our success in China. Not only were they able to run a very successful PPC campaign but they even showed us where to save money in our campaigns, as well as advising us on our Chinese language web pages.”

David Gerecht, E-commerce Specialist, Kenes Group
“Nanjing Marketing Group has been a key partner for us in our efforts to test the demand for our services in China. NMG is able to quickly adapt to changes with consistent results, while their knowledgeable staff is quick to respond, willing to help, and always on the lookout for testing and growth opportunities.”
Christian Voss Pedersen, Group Marketing Manager, Virtuzone

Start driving your sales in China today

Tell us about your goals and let us choose the best strategy for you

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