Baidu Pay Per Click Management

Baidu Pay Per Click Management

Gain an edge on the competition

Improve your return on ad spend by letting our veteran team manage your Baidu pay per click advertising campaign.

While Baidu ads are powerful, the competition is intense. You will be working against competitors that already have strong Baidu campaigns in place. Plus, China itself is quite a challenge, due to differences in language, culture and consumer behavior.

Our bilingual team has experience in all aspects of pay per click management. This includes:

  • Account planning and structure build-out.
  • Configuration of web analytics.
  • Management of keywords, bids and targeting options.
  • Creation of text and image ads.
  • Advising on changes to your website to suit Baidu users.
  • Creation of landing pages and websites.

Gain a competitive edge for your Baidu ad spend

Have a veteran Baidu pay per click management team on your side.

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