Baidu Paid Search Advertising Management

As China’s largest search engine, Baidu offers great opportunities for advertisers around the world.  Paid search advertisements are the quickest way to get your site visibility on Baidu.  In fact, in some cases advertisements can be a prerequisite for even getting noticed.  For example, take the search engine results page I’m served when doing a search for “Hawaii travel”:




In the above example, users will scroll through 11 ads before even reaching the organic search results.  That’s a long way down.

We recommend paid search advertising as a starting point for any business interested in developing a presence on Baidu.  Ranking well organically is of course still helpful, but is a longer-term process.  PPC advertising ensures your site still gets traffic while Baidu indexes your content for its organic search rankings.

Our paid search advertising service isn’t just about throwing your ads up on Baidu and checking a report every few months.  We constantly strive to bring your CPA down to the lowest possible level.  This dedication to ongoing optimization is at the core of every PPC campaign we manage.

Put your business in front of an audience of 500 million

Gain strong visibility on Baidu in days rather than months

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