Baidu Mobile Games Confirm to Participate in 2014 TFC Global Mobile Game Developers Conference & Game Fair

On September 17th, the Chinese top mobile games commerce exhibition—‘2014 TFC Global Mobile Game Developers Conference & Game Fair’ will be open in Nanfeng International Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou. With the theme of ‘Keep an Eye on High-Quality Games’, this year’s fair aims to develop high-quality game tactics, find more games of high-quality, and to promote their distribution via various channels. Recently, sponsors of the fair revealed that the biggest mobile games platform in China—Baidu Mobile Games—has confirmed to take part in the activity.


Baidu Mobile Games said its taking part in the TFC Fair this time would bring up-to-date platform data for sharing and platform policy. A stand which is over 100 square meters will be set up, and special activities of Baidu Mobile Games will be hosted. With the huge impact of the exhibition, Baidu Mobile Games will not only further deliver the platform’s brand image and gather high-quality mobile game resources throughout the world, but also find more opportunities and  high-quality mobile game resources, in order to improve the over-all strength and value of the platform.


Table 1. Average Monthly Number of APP Startups in Chinese Mobile Game Platform, the First Season in 2014: Baidu Mobile Games ranked first.

As the most significant participant in the mobile app distribution field, data indicates that market share of integrated app distribution of Q1 Baidu Mobile is 41.5% in 2014, ranking No.1 for 3 months in the industry. Since the overall distribution strength of Baidu Mobile is strong, rapid development of Baidu will be driven at the same time. According to Yiguan’s Monitoring Report of Q1 Mobile Games running platform in China, 2014, Baidu Mobile Games took first place, with a user coverage ratio of 28.7%, and well ahead of other platforms in the industry.


8c38e6148c81fdba25605537bea0564cAt present, prompted continuously by integrated distribution service, that is ‘Search Engine+ App Store+ Media Community’, Baidu Mobile Games Platform has developed into ‘The First Platform’ of mobile game distribution in China and a top choice for mobile games over the world to expand market share in China. Besides advantages of mobile games promotion, Baidu Mobile Games platform also helps CP to realize the value of brands by multiple refined data operation—combining Baidu mobile statistics, Baidu Big Data and other platforms together. In addition, taking advantage of resource integration and data superiority, Baidu Mobile Games will cooperate with CP, and optimize continuously in aspects of players’ demand mining, feedback and paying for games. Therefore, the platform will adapt to players’ preference and extend the product life cycle as long as possible, creating the greatest value for mobile games CP.