Baidu Display Advertising

Baidu Display Advertising

Reach a broader audience with text and image ads

Advertising on Baidu’s display network is a powerful way to increase brand exposure in China.  Baidu’s display network boasts more than 600,000 sites, providing access to far more impressions than could ever be attained on Baidu’s search engine alone.  And with an advanced targeting system, you can be sure your ads are reaching the right audience every time.

We create highly interactive text, image, flash and floating ads for our clients.  Below are a few examples:

picture_1ee767ca0f88548ad4ff42434c99574a[1] picture_4e61f1b5a7716f135bf855338301a4fa[1] picture_7c6a6412fad5a01e39e944007e8353f4[1]

These ads can appear in any number of places on Baidu’s display network, including around the perimeter of pages and inside of video players:

display        Different-display-ads

With Baidu’s contextual, placement, and behavioral targeting capabilities, we have great control over who sees your ads, ensuring your branding efforts aren’t wasted on the wrong audience.

Take your branding to the next level!

Reach the right audience every time with Baidu’s display network!

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