Autumn Fortune Time of Baidu Advertising: Set up Baidu Account Now to Achieve Purchasing Priority of “Baifa Finance 8%”

images (1)Good news for new clients who haven’t set up a Baidu account–“Autumn Fortune Time” is coming: From September 4th to October 23rd 2014, new clients who set up accounts of Baidu Advertising successfully during this period can achieve purchasing priority of “Baifa Finance 8%”.

Campaign managers of Baidu say that “Baifa Finance” is the first financial plan promoted by Baidu Financial Centre. The financial products of this campaign include term insurance offered by Everbright Bank and other cooperating insurance companies. According to the conditions of former investments, yields of these kind of financial products have relatively smaller fluctuations. With an expected annualized return of 8%, “Baifa Finance 8%” surely can bring in stable earnings. Due to a lower investing threshold (starting from 1000 yuan), a shorter period and higher yields, the products have caught widespread attention from investors. Now it’s such a distinguished experience that new clients of Baidu advertising have access to purchasing priority.


Why it is a precious opportunity? Briefly speaking, an annualized return of 8% means that it is possible to gain a high interest of 8000 yuan after holding 100 thousand yuan for 365 days in terms of a one-year product. Why it is a priority? Since Baidu Finance will officially launch this type of financial product, which is sure to be snapped up immediately given previous conditions, at 10:00 on October 28th, Baidu Advertising assures new clients will be able to invest successfully by providing them with a priority to purchase “Baifa Finance” at 18:00 on October 27th.

This campaign is mainly targeted towards new clients who haven’t set up any account before September 4th, in 2014. Online users may apply to set up Baidu accounts by phone or on the Internet. It’s important to note that application by phone is available between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on work days, while applications online are 24/7. To ensure the purchasing priority of “Baidu Finance 8%”, online users are supposed to cooperate with a Baidu Advertising Consultant and sign the contracts before October 23rd as soon as possible.

images (3)The campaign managers reminded participants that, since a phone number is the only proof for scooping “Baifa Finance 8%”, this is a limited one time offer for one phone number. When filling in information, new clients must make sure that phone numbers provided are real and effective and phones are kept on during this campaign. Additionally, for the opening time of “scooping” is limited, clients need to claim the priority as soon as possible after “scooping” has started at 6:00 PM on October 27th to avoid missing their chance.

images (4)Nowadays, not only in fields of consuming and marketing, but also in the field of finance, Internet has become the most significant power to boost the development of this age—it has been one of the general steps for a wide range of small and medium enterprises to form a company and then join in Baidu advertising. Based on a market share of over 80% in the Chinese search engine area and 600 thousand website alliances, Baidu advertising has built a platform to relate 538 thousand online users’ demands and companies’ supplies, not only does this benefit people in need of finding suitable products and services, but it also helps companies to obtain plenty of potential clients with less cost, improves the companies’ brand awareness  and attracts more clients in need. This “Autumn Fortune Time of Baidu Advertising”, which is jointly sponsored by Baidu Advertising and Baidu Finance for new clients, integrates different resources like finance, marketing, services and so on. It also it fulfills Baidu Advertising’s mission to “relate people and services”.